"There can be no equal justice where the kind of trial a man gets depends on how much money he has."

– Justice Hugo Black, Griffin v. Illinois, 373 US 12 (1964)

Anderson, York & Stratton, PC was founded with one goal: to champion justice for children and families. Too many families fall through the cracks of our justice system because they are unable to afford attorneys. Our law firm is dedicated to helping those families - your family - navigate the justice system. 

We have a primary focus on legal issues involving families. This includes divorce, custody, and child support, as well as juvenile law matters. We also handle adoptions and assisted reproduction cases. We especially welcome cases involving issues that make co-parenting particularly complicated, such as allegations of domestic violence or child abuse. Our attorneys also handle general civil litigation and employment law matters. 

We work with our clients to customize affordable solutions to their legal problems. We work hard to keep our fees low, and we offer a sliding fee scale to clients who are low- to middle-income (200% - 400% of the federal poverty level) or whose cases involve issues of domestic violence or child abuse. We are very aware of how quickly costs add up in litigation, and we work closely with clients to minimize expense as much as possible. This often means early mediation and settlement - but we're also prepared to take a case to trial if we can't come to a good resolution by agreement.